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We are adding new AS3 tutorials and experiments and new mathlets to our site very often. If you would like to know when new content is added, subscribe to our RSS feed.

RSS - Really Simple Syndication - is an easy and free way to get news when your favorite sites are updated. An RSS feed is simply an XML file that your 'RSS reader' or a 'Live Bookmark' of your browser checks for updates regularly and shows you when the feed is updated.

If you subscribe to relatively few feeds, a Live Bookmark is a good option. New versions of all browsers provide you with this option. For example, in Firefox, all you need to do is to click on the orange 'chicklet' in the address window (or at the bottom of the browser window), or on the XML icon below. The click opens the XML file where you see the option 'Live Bookmark', and underneath 'Subscribe'. Click on 'Subscribe' and a new orange chicklet with 'News from flashandmath' will appear on your bookmarks bar. Similarly, you can create a Live Bookmark in Safari or in Internet Explorer. When the feed is updated, a number indicating the number of new entries will appear next to the bookmark.

If you are subscribing, or plan to subscribe, to many feeds, you probably need a feed Reader. RSS readers come in two varieties: free online readers and industrial-strength, stand-alone, desktop applications (many not free). Free online readers are provided among others by Google Reader, (a very good one), My Yahoo, iGoogle, and Bloglines. Most of these readers make it very easy to subscribe to a feed with a click of a button:

http://www.flashandmath.com/rss/flash_and_math.xml    See XML
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Whatever reader your are using, basically, you subscribe to a feed, for example to our feed, by entering the address (displayed above) of our XML file into your RSS reader. The reader will check for updates automatically and will show the updates and titles of new entries in a feed.

If you have your personalized page on My Yahoo or iGoogle, if your have Google Reader, or you subscribe to Bloglines, you can subscribe to our feed by clicking on the corresponding icon above. If you have a stand-alone RSS reader, right-click on the link or the XML icon below, choose 'Copy Link Location' or 'Copy Shortcut', and paste it into the appropriate field in your reader. If you are using the latest version of Firefox, Intenet Explorer, or Safari, click on the XML button above (or the link), your browser will show you more subscription options, including a Live Bookmark.

If you monitor many feeds, you probably already have a reader, and you do not need our recommendation. Let us only mention that among desktop, stand-alone readers the following are recommended by Adobe (some free, some not):

For Windows:   NewzCrawlerAwasu.

For Mac:   Newsfire;   NetNewsWire.


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