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We discuss here our Simple Grapher - a free Android app that you can download and install from the Android Market. Open the Android Market on your phone, search for flashandmath, and locate Simple Grapher on our apps list. You can then download and install the app.

Simple Grapher graphs, zooms, pans, and traces functions of one variable. Any function of a single variable can be entered and graphed. Tapping arrows can zoom in/out on the graph or move a cursor left/right along the curve. An easy tap toggles between the zoom mode and the trace mode. Panning is accomplished using a standard swipe gesture.

Source Code

We are preparing AS3 source code for posting. Stay tuned!


Simple Grapher presented here is not in its final version. A number of improvements that we plan to implement will greatly enhance the grapher's functionality.

  • In its present form the grapher uses phone's native keyboard (virtual or mechanical). Since virtual keyboards consists of many keyboards (alphabetical, numeric, symbols, etc.), entering a simple mathematical expression often requires too many clicks. The way to remedy this situation is to create a custom mathematical keyboard that appears when the user clicks on the input box.
  • With a custom keyboard our AS3 MathParser class can and will be greatly simplified and enhanced.
  • Graphing more than one function at a time will be made possible as well.

To see our custom math AS3 classes in action see some of our desktop apps: Mathlets for Students and Instructors. For source code: Custom AS3 Classes for Mathematics.

This Simple Grapher app was created by Doug Ensley and Barbara Kaskosz of flashandmath.

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