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  • The Game of Marienbad  Enjoy a break with a friendly game of Nim. This particular version of Nim was featured in the great classical film "Last Year at Marienbad" directed by Alain Resnais, France, 1961.
  • Families of Parametric Curves, Parametric Art  You can create beautiful images using families of parametric curves. This little application has two parts: 'A Gallery', where the families are pre-defined, and 'Choose a Family' where you can enter an arbitrary family of parametric curves and ranges for parameters, and see the images that result. You can then build your own gallery.
  • Graphing the Cantor Function  In this simple applet, you can graph ten steps for the Cantor function (before changes can no longer be visible on screen). You can zoom in and zoom out on the graph to see clearly its fractal nature.


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