Recently one of our visitors asked about using the Tween class to accomplish non-linear movement of an object with ActionScript code. This tutorial presents a simple idea, a "trick" that can be used to create a wide range of tween effects. This idea is used in our "Advanced and Experimental" section tutorial, Rotating 3D Objects with the Tween Class in ActionScript 3, but we highlight it here for the benefit of a wider range of developers.

On the next page we explain the idea by tweening a simple circular motion. On the page after that, we provide a visual illustration of the various easing functions available in AS3. On the two pages that follow, we show first how to use the same idea and an easing function to imitate the motion of a dragged and dropped balloon. And then, how to make text move with tweening effects.


Download all source files for this tutorial in the compressed folder linked above.

On to the next page where we explain the idea and tween a circular motion.

If you are looking for an introductory tutorial on the standard uses of the Tween class, check out our tutorial Using the Tween class in Flash CS3 and AS3 in the Basic section.

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