An XML-based RadioButton Quiz in Flash CS3

A "quiz" is a good example of an application where functionality should be separated from the educational content. In the tutorial, Using the radio button component for a multiple choice question, from the Basic section of this site, we showed how to create a quiz using radio buttons completely set up at "authoring time." In the present tutorial, we build a Flash swf file that manages the functions of "asking questions and checking correct answers" but gets the contents for the questions and answers from an external XML file that is provided by the instructor. Once we have the basic layout, we can add other interactions for the students such as "pull-down lists" (a.k.a., ComboBoxes), check boxes (for multiple answers), and even "drag and drop." This tutorial focuses only on the RadioButton interface.


Download the fla and xml files for this tutorial in the following compressed folder.


The Flash CS3 help files on "RadioButton Class" will provide more complete information on the class methods and properties.

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