More XML-based Quizzes in Flash CS3

This tutorial continues the discussion presented in An XML-based RadioButton Quiz in Flash CS3 in the Intermediate section of the Flash&Math website. In the previous tutorial we learned how to use ActionsScript code to set up a radio button group for a "quiz" or "survey" interface. We extended the basic idea to include data supplied from an external xml file so that the quiz/survey content can be flexibly added or edited withouth revisiting the code.

In the present tutorial, we repeat the same presentation but for "check box" and "combo box" (pull down) interfaces. It is highly recommended that you work through the RadioButton example first since we will primarily highlight only the differences for the additional intercaces here.


Download all fla and xml files for this tutorial in the following compressed folder.


The Flash CS3 help files on "CheckBox class" or "ComboBox class" will provide more complete information on the class methods and properties available.

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