Free Transform via the Custom BitmapTransformer Class

In one of our advanced tutorials, Cube in Bloom: 3D Menu on a Cube with Perspective, we used our custom AS3 class, BitmapTransformer, to obtain the distortion for perspective. In this tutorial, we want to show that the class can do much more than perpective distortion. Also, we wanted to demostrate the class in action in a simpler context, free of 3D complexities.


Download all the 'fla' and 'as' files corresponding to the applets in this tutorial in one zip file. The 'fla' file corresponding to the applet above is named gummy_part1.fla.

The applet above uses only the BitmapTransformer class and nothing else. We discuss the, rather simple, code on page 3.

On the next page, we add a dash of tweening to get an interesting 'gummy' bitmap effect.

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