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To illustrate the answer, we use the same applet as in How To Load an Image at Runtime in AS3 and Display Load Progress. It is a good example as the applet (that loads a single image) is designed to display load progress for the loaded image. The latter feature is hard to test at authoring time as all the files usually reside on your Desktop and loading happens instantaneously.


The Simulate Download Feature

To test how your Flash movie may look when downloaded at different connection speeds, use the Simulate Download feature of the Flash IDE Test Player. To illustate how to do it, we use the file htimgload.fla contained in the file linked above. (Make sure that the loaded image, space2.jpg, is in the same folder as the fla file.)

Open imgload.fla in Flash CS3 or Flash CS4. Click Test Movie from the Control menu. The Test Player opens. Go to Download Settings under the View menu as shown below and select the desired download speed:

After the speed is selcted, click on Simulate Download:

Loading of the image is no longer instantaneous, and you can check if the progress display box works correctly:

After clicking the download button, we see the download progress.

Note:  The image of the outer space that you see in the applet above is courtesy of NASA: NASA multimedia collection.

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