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ActionScript 3 How To and Tips

In this section we provide short examples, each illustrating how to accomplish a specific task in ActionScript 3 and Flash. The collection is just starting. Check back often for new postings.

Newest How-Tos and Tips

  • Behavior of a Loaded SWF File versus Behavior of a MovieClip  You load an external SWF file at runtime using Loader.load method. You extract the file via Loader.content, cast it to MovieClip, and store in a MovieClip variable. You add a listener to mouse clicks to your loaded MovieClip only to discover that it does not respond to clicks. Isn't Loader.content in the case of loading an SWF file a MovieClip? We discuss the issue and give examples.

Manipulating Display Objects, Events, Dynamic Drawing

Flash Components

Utilities: Timer, Tween, etc.

Loading External Assets

Testing Performance

Flash Authoring Environment





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