Accordion Text Example Using the New AS3 Classes - A Video Tutorial

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In this video, we give an overview of the new AS3 TLF classes available in Flash CS5 and show an example of a text accordion constructed programmatically using these classes.


The zip package contains swf, html, and fla files corresponding to the text accordion demo presented in the video. The fla file can be opened in Flash CS5 only. We are all awaiting the CS5 ship day! (Mid-May 2010.)


In this video, we show how to use new ActionScript classes in Flash CS5 to create and manage linked text fields. This allows us to have one complete body of text broken up and displayed on several separate container sprites. We use the linked text fields to create a TextAccordion class, which creates the effect of text folded up in an accordion-pleated fashion. The text can be HTML formatted, which allows for active hyperlinks to be inserted. Several of the new classes in CS5 are mentioned in the video, and we explain their methods and show how these classes work together. These classes include:

  • TextFlow
  • TextConverter
  • ContainerController
  • StandardFlowComposer (which implements the IFlowComposer interface)

These classes are included in a new package flashx.textLayout. They are powerful and have lots of new features. We will be posting more tutorials on the topic soon. Stay tuned!

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