Using Flash CS5 Code Snippets Panel - A Video Tutorial

Use controls to choose 720p HD version and the full screen option (the four-arrow icon) for best quality video.


In this video, we present a complete showcase application in which not one line of ActionScript 3 code was entered by hand. All code comes from the Code Snippets panel. The Code Snippets panel is a new and really cool feature in Flash CS5. The Snippets panel is used to enter code automatically for many types of functionality and interactivity. The Code Snippets panel makes using AS3 in your application easier. It is also helpful for learning AS3 by looking at ready, well-commented code fragments. Code snippets make performing repetitive tasks much easier as well.

You can create your custom code snippets and store them in the Code Snippets panel. Creating custom snippets is a subject of our next video.


The zip package contains swf, html, and fla files corresponding to the showcase presented in the video. The fla file can be opened in Flash CS5 only. We are all awaiting the CS5 ship day! (Mid-May 2010.)

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