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Flash CS5 Tutorials and Effects

Flash and Math is bringing you a variety of Flash CS5 tutorials and effects, for beginners as well as for advanced developers. This includes video tutorials!

  • NEW! Billowing Fire with Perlin Noise and Filters - Flash AS3 Effect  A fire effect which is built out of distorted Perlin noise and a few filtering steps. The result is a billowing and chaotic fire rising from the base of the display. The effect makes use of the perlinNoise method of the BitmapData class, plus a ColorMatrixFilter and a DisplacementMapFilter.
  • NEW! AS3 MarbleTexture Class - Apply Marble Texture to Any Display Object  Another example of a texture created completely from code. Our custom MarbleTexture AS3 class creates a marble-textured Sprite with the same shape and mouse interactivity as any source Sprite that you pass to the constructor. The texture is created with BitmapData methods perlinNoise and copyChannel, along with DisplacementMapFilter and ColorMatrixFilter. Choose pink, blue or white marble.
  • Browser Version of PeekAMaze Game in AS3 Flash  A desktop version of our free PeekAMaze app that is currently available for Android phones on the Android Market. The version given here runs in a standard browser window. The complete source code for the game is provided, including custom AS3 classes that randomly create perfect mazes and their graphical representation.
  • Custom AS3 WoodTexture Class - Apply Wood Texture to Any Display Object  We present a custom AS3 WoodTexture class for creating wood-textured display objects completely from code. The class creates a Sprite with the same shape and mouse interactivity as any source Sprite that you pass to the constructor. The very realistic texture is created with a combination of BitmapData methods: perlinNoise, paletteMap, and copyChannel. Download all Flash and AS3 source code files.
  • Flash CS5 Tip: Embedding Runtime Shared Library for TLF Text into SWF File  When you use the new and powerful TLF text engine, your SWF file will need to load at runtime a Runtime Shared Library, textLayout. During that process a built-in preloader runs. In some situations, it might be better to compile the RSL into your SWF and avoid the download. In this tip, we discuss how to do it and when you might want to do it.
  • Web-Based GraphSlider Puzzle in AS3 Flash CS5  We present the web-based version of our free GraphSlider app that is currently available for Android phones on the Android Market. The version given here runs in a standard browser window. The complete source code for the puzzle is provided and discussed.
  • Fuzzy Text Transition Effects in AS3 Flash CS5  We present three new text transition effects. Text becomes broken and fuzzy, then collapses back to form a new line. Simple variation of parameters produces many different effects. The effects are created by drawing text to a bitmap, then using the copyPixels() method of the BitmapData class along with some randomization to redraw small rectangles of the bitmaps in a cleverly transitioning way. This technique can easily be applied to images.
  • Cool Text Transitions in AS3 Flash CS5  A cool effect of a transition from one piece of text to another. Text becomes distorted and blurred before transitioning back to a new line of text. The effect makes use of a DisplacementMapFilter (with a perlinNoise source) and a BlurFilter, along with a Tween to control the transition. We present monochrome, colorized, and low CPU versions of the effect. Several parameters allow easy customization and experimentation.
  • Flash CS5: Stunning 3D Text Effect, Embedding Fonts via TextFlow.fontLookup  Text is loaded dynamically at runtime. Thanks to the new TLF methods, the body of the text is split into separate lines. The lines are tweened in 3D and colorized creating a cool, wavy 3D effect. Moreover, fonts are embedded into TextFlow with the TextFlow.fontLookup property without using the TLFTextField class. Works beautifully on Android 2.2!
  • Flash CS5: Double 3D Text Effect with TLF Text  Text is loaded dynamically at runtime. Thanks to the new TLF methods, the body of the text is divided between two 3D boards and split into separate lines. Each line flips in 3D with a tween. Super cool!
  • AS3 Flash CS5: Cool Text Effects with TLF Text  We load TLF markup text at runtime, use a custom TextSlicer AS3 class to split the text into lines, and then tween, slide, zoom, fade in, and color. We show how to use the new AS3 classes available in Flash CS5 to accomplish a variety of interesting text effects.
  • Flash CS5: XML Markup and Runtime Loading of TLF Text with AS3  The new TLF text AS3 classes are extremely useful for creating cool text effects, particularly if you can import your text on the fly, at runtime. TLF formatting and layout can be saved in a text file or in an XML file. But what is the correct TLF markup? In this tutorial, we show how to create a text file or an XML file containing TLF markup, load the file at runtime, and display the dynamically loaded text.
  • Multicolumn Text on the Fly with New AS3 TLF Text Classes in Flash CS5  We show how to use the new AS3 text layout classes: TextFlow, ContainerController, TextLayoutFormat, and properties like TextFlow.flowComposer to lay out and format text programmatically. In our example, the number of columns in the layout can be changed on the fly by dragging a slider. We discuss the Runtime Shared Library necessary for TLF text. Also, did you know that an animated preloader is a part of default publish settings in Flash CS5? It's great!
  • New AS3 Text Layout Classes in Flash CS5 - Tour and Example  In this video tutorial we present an overview of the new AS3 classes available in Flash CS5, and give an example of an accordion-pleated text effect built using these classes. The new AS3 classes allow for creating linked text fields programmatically and give precise control over text layout.
  • A Real Life Application Built with Flash CS5 Code Snippets Only  In this video tutorial, we present a real life application - a showcase consisting of opening and closing folders that contain clickable thumbnails. The application is built from Code Snippets - a new feature of Flash CS5. Not one line of AS3 code was entered by hand. Really cool!
  • Custom Code Snippet in Flash CS5 that Zooms in and Spins in 3D  In this video and written tutorial, we show how to create a custom snippet and add it to the Code Snippets panel. The snippet spins an object in 3D and at the same time brings the object forward in a Star Wars kind of effect. We discuss the important point of custom snippets not being transferable via fla files.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch Event

We just watched Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch Event (04/12/10 at 11 am EST). The event is now available on demand. Creative Suite 5 is amazing! Just take a peek:

Notice the long and impressive list of Adobe partners. Notice the long list of mobile devices - smartphones, netbooks, and tablets - that will use Flash Player 10.1 to deliver amazing content, including video, games, and full, rich web-browsing experiences.

All parts of Creative Suite 5 have new and exciting features. New Photoshop and PremierPro effects will blow you away. Flash CS5 comes with great new features, too. We can't wait to start working with them and share with you what we learn!

Check out Richard Galvan's article describing what's new in Flash CS5:

The list of new features includes among many others:

  • New text engine that supports linked text fields, vertical text and right to left text. In linked text fields the overflow from one text field is automaticaly redirected to the next field. The fields can have separate formatting features. Just imagine the new design possibilties!
  • Code Snippets panel - prewritten snippets of code for most common tasks. Use them to learn AS3, to add interactivity without typing any code, to create custom snippets for repetitive tasks.
  • Seamless integration between Flash CS5 and Flash Builder 4 authoring environments.
  • New features that make working with video a breeze.

And many, many more.


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