Creating a Zoom in and Spin Custom Snippet - A Video Tutorial

Use controls to choose 720p HD version and the full screen option (the four-arrow icon) for best quality video.

In this video, we show how to create a custom snippet and add it to the Code Snippets panel. The snippet spins an object in 3D while at the same time brings the object forward in a Star Wars kind of effect.


Important Comments on the Code Snippets Panel, Custom Snippets,
and Flash CS5 IDE

In the zip package that you can download from the link above, you will find all Flash CS5 fla files used in the video. Yet, you will not see in those files the custom snippet created in the video. That is because adding custom snippets to your Flash CS5 can only be done by you. Custom snippets are not attached to a fla file but rather to your Flash IDE settings. You will see in the fla files the code in the Actions panel created by Doug's custom snippet, and the fla files will compile and function properly, but adding a custom snippet to your Code Snippets panel is up to you. You can easily do it by following the steps explained in the video. We provide the code for the custom snippet in a separate text file, so you can copy and paste the code in the Code field while you are adding a snippet. Once you add a custom snippet to your Code Snippets panel, you will see the snippet in all fla files that you open in your copy of Flash CS5.

If you get tired with a custom snippet, you can easily delete it by selecting the snippet and clicking Delete Code Snippet in the Code Snippets panel's drop-down menu. You can erase all customizations and return to the Default Code Snippets panel by clicking on Reset to Default XML in the Code Snippets panel drop-down menu. (All snippets are stored in an XML file.)

For a tutorial featuring the Code Snippets panel and the default collection of snippets see our tutorial: A Real Life Application Built with Flash CS5 Code Snippets Only.

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