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Custom Classes for Mathematics in ActionScript 3

In this section we give links to Flash and Math tutorials and the MathDL Flash Forum articles that provide custom AS3 classes and templates for building math applications. We also list AS2 articles whose AS3 version is coming soon. All graphing applications listed below use our custom math formula parser, MathParser.

  • NEW! Sketching Derivatives Applet in AS3 Flash - The Code  We present a math applet for sketching derivatives with complete AS3 source code. The applet uses a large collection of custom AS3 classes developed by the Flash and Math team over the past few years. The newest of the classes are related to an interesting drawing and smoothing techinique. The user draws by dragging and shaping a curve.
  • Function Grapher with Zooming and Panning  In this tutorial, we present a math function grapher which has a drag and drop panning and mouse click zooming functionality. Panning has a cool easing effect, too. All the source code including parsing and graphing custom AS3 classes available for download.
  • Contour Map Plotter and 3D Function Grapher in Flash Combined  We use our custom AS3 classes in the package flashandmath.as3.* to build an applet which combines a contour diagram plotter and a 3D function grapher. The user's can input formulas for functions and variables ranges. The applet uses our custom classes: MathParser, GraphingBoard, GraphingBoard3D, and many helper classes. We provide complete, well-commented source code and a pdf guide of custom classes.
  • Custom AS3 Math Classes, Implicit Plotter in Flash  The implicit equations grapher presented in this tutorial is another example of how the custom AS3 math classes provided at can be used to easily create custom math applets. In this tutorial, we use our custom MathParser and GraphingBoard classes that do all the work for you. The tutorial contains complete, well-commented source code.
  • The SimpleGraph class An alternate title for this tutorial could be, "How to make a functional grapher in 30 lines of code." With the custom SimpleGraph class available from, creating a graph of an expression in one variable is a snap!

Below are links to our MathDL Flash Forum articles. Each article contains full source code to download.


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