Scalable Mathematical Expressions and the ScrollPane Component

In many applications that have a complicated user interface, the developer provides instructions or information on a separate "panel" that can be popped open and read by the user. This tutorial will focus on the use of the ScrollPane component to enable this sort of "pop up" to be scrollable so the font/graphics size does not have to be tiny while the panel can still contain all pertinent information. Page 3 of this tutorial will provide instructions for using a beautiful tool to produce mathematical content (with LaTeX, the standard for mathematics and science typesetting) as an swf file that can be imported into your applet, allowing you to have completely scalable mathematical expressions.

A typical instructions panel is shown below:


The source file for the example shown above can be downloaded at ScrollPaneExample.fla. It uses the files information.swf and envelope.jpg imported to the library at authoring time. Page 3 contains detailed instructions for this example.

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