Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example

Programming in ActionScript 3 for Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning

by Douglas Ensley and Barbara Kaskosz

About the book

Chapter 1. Basics of Flash and ActionScript

MovieClip Motion

Try it:ClipMotion.html

Sprite Motion

Try it:SpriteMotion.html

Chapter 2. Textboxes and Keyboard Events

Basic Arithmetic Activity

Try it:ArithmeticBasic.html

Using the Visibility Property

Try it: ArithmeticVisibility.html

Manipulating Listeners for Control Flow

Try it: ArithmeticListeners.html

Listening for Keyboard Events

Try it: ArithmeticKeyboard.html

Adding a Timer

Try it: ArithmeticTimer.html

Sprite Motion, Revisited

Try it:SpriteKeyMotion.html

Chapter 3. MovieClips, Sprites, and Shapes

Circular Motion with MovieClips

Try it:CircleMotion.html

Circular Motion with Sprites and Shapes at Run Time

Try it:CircleMotionSprite.html

Filling graphics for Shaded Area

Try it: CircleFillSprite.html

More on the Display List and Coordinate Systems

Try it: ParentChild.html

Chapter 4. More Mouse Events

Getting Mouse Coordinates

Try it: LineSegment.html

The Drag and Drop Interface

Try it: TriangleDrag.html

Drawing with a Mouse

Try it: MouseDraw.html

Chapter 5. Simple Animation

Animation using the ENTER_FRAME event

Try it: BounceEnterFrame.html

Animation using the Timer class

Try it: BounceTimer.html

Animation using the Tween class

Try it: GameSpinner.html

The “Repeat Effect” for Buttons

Try it: CircleFillRepeat.html

Chapter 6. Parsing data and drawing charts

Creating a Simple Histogram

Try it: Histogram.html

Creating a Pie Chart from Data

Try it: PieChart.html

Creating Textboxes at Runtime

Try it: PieChartText.html or HistogramText.html

Scatter Plot Application

Try it: ScatterPlot.html

Chapter 7. A First Look at Components

ColorPicker, Slider and NumericStepper Components

Try it: MouseDrawComp.html

Using the Slider Component to Control Motion

Try it: CircleFillSlider.html

The DataGrid component: ScatterPlot revisited

Try it: DataGridScatter.html

Chapter 8. Components for Quizzes

RadioButton component for multiple choice questions

Try it: MultipleChoice.html

CheckBox component for multiple answer questions

Try it: MultipleAnswer.html

ComboBox component for matching problems

Try it: FamousBooks.html

Chapter 9. Applications of Masking

Masking in ActionScript 3

Try it: EZMask.html

Regression Line Application

Try it: ScatterPlotLine.html

Area under a Curve Application

Try it: AreaMask.html

Chapter 10. Graphing Functions

Part 1. Drawing the Sine Function

Try it: SinGraph.html

Part 2. Masking and Wrapping at Infinity

Try it:SinExpGraph.html

Part 3. Error Checking in Range Input

Try it:GraphCheckRange.html

Part 4. Using the FlashAndMath MathParser class

Try it:GraphParsed.html

Chapter 11. Bread and Butter Graphing Applets

Trace and Tangent Line

Try it:GraphTrace.html

Try it:GraphTan.html

Area under a Curve

Try it:GraphArea.html

Animated family of curves

Try it:AnimatedFamily.html

Chapter 12. Using the MathParser and GraphingBoard classes

Simple Computation

Try it:Computation.html

Answer Checking

Try it:AnswerChecking.html

Vertical Distance Between Two Curves

Try it:VerticalDistance.html

Derivative Grapher

Try it:DerivativeGrapher.html

Polar Graphs and Parametric Curves

Try it:GraphPolar.html

Try it:GraphParam.html

Chapter 13. Importing External Content at Authoring Time and Run Time

Importing an Image for an Interactive Map

Try it:InteractiveMap.html

Importing Images at Run Time for a Simple Slide Show

Try it:SlideShow.html

Adding Sound to the Slide Show

Try it:SlideShowSound.html

Importing Multiple Images for a Timed Slide Show

Try it:SlideShowTimer.html

Importing Video with Custom Controls

Try it:SimpleVideo.html

Chapter 14. Working with External XML Files

Using XML to Initialize an Application

Try it:GraphPolarXML.html

Adding an XML Gallery to Graphing Applications

Try it:DerivativeGallery.html

Using XML Data for a Scrolling Banner

Try it:ScrollingBanner.html

An XML-Based RadioButton Quiz

Try it:RadioButtonXMLQuiz.html

Chapter 15. Working with MovieClips

The Cereal Box Problem

Try it:CerealBoxProblem.html

Tiny Bubbles

Try it:FreeBubbles.html

Multiple Instances of MovieClips

Try it:MultipleBubblers.html

Control Structure for Quiz/Survey Questions from External SWF Files

Try it:QuizControl.html

Chapter 16. Simple 3D Drawing in Flash Player 10

Flipping a Card in 3D

Try it: CardFlip.html

Moving a 3D Cube

Try it: 3DDie.html

Picture Cube Example

Try it: PictureCube.html

Rolling the Die

Try it: DiceRoll.html

Drawing in 3D

Try it: Icosahedron.html

Chapter 17. Bridging the Gap: Developing Your Own AS3 Classes

Triangle Drag, on the timeline

Try it:TriangleTimeline.html

Triangle Drag, with custom class

Try it:TriangleClass.html

Bubbles, revisited

Try it:BubblersClass.html

Math Concentration with Flash Player 10

Try it:ConcentrationCS4.html

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Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example

Programming in ActionScript 3 for Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning

by Douglas Ensley and Barbara Kaskosz

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