Installing Flash Player 10 and an Authoring Tool that Recognizes New Features

In mid May, Adobe Labs released the beta version of Flash Player 10 (code name 'Astro') and a nightly build of Flex 3 SDK that can compile content for Player 10. The new version of the Player has caused great excitement in the Flash community and for a good reason: Player 10 is loaded with new features, including native 3D support. Player 10 uses ActionScript 3 just like Player 9, but it supports new AS3 classes and methods. In this tutorial, we use the most basic of the new AS3 3D methods. These most basic methods allow for creating great 3D effects with just a few lines of code.

You will find instructions how to download and install Player 10 as well as Flex 3 SDK nightly build at the Adobe Labs:
You will find there also the updated AS3 documentation that contains all the new classes.

We recommend a great video tutorial by Lee Brimelow at
Flash Player 10 Beta: Getting Started.
This tutorial show you step-by-step how to get started.

A note: As of July 2, 2008, Flash Player 10 Beta 2 is available at the Adobe Labs. To compile content for the Beta 2 version, use the flex_sdk_3.1.0.2381, July 9, available at the labs. Beta 1 files do not play in Beta 2 and vice-versa.

You will find a list of new AS3 classes that Player 10 supports on Manfred Weber's Weblog:
Key New Features.
Without this guide it is hard to sift the new features out of the documentation.

We also recommend an excellent tutorial by senocular at on the new ActionScript 3 drawing API:
Flash Player 10: New Drawing API Features Explained

A word of caution: Installing the beta version of Player 10 requires unistalling any earlier version of the Player from all your browsers. You may not want to do it on your main development machine. Authoring Flash Player 10 content at this time (July 9, 2008) can only be done through the nightly build of the command-line Flex 3 SDK compiler. We are all eagerly awaiting Flash CS4 beta to have a more handy authoring environment.


The zip file linked above contains all the 'as' and 'jpg' files related to examples in this tutorial.

On the next page we show how easy it is to rotate a bitmap image in 3D with perspective distortion. In Flash Player 10, it takes only a few lines of code.

Note: To view the content on the subsequent pages of this tutorial, you need Flash Player 10.

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