Motion in 3D Applet

In this tutorial, we use the 3D engine that we created in the tutorial 'Simple 3D Drawing in Flash CS3'. We build an applet that plots parametric curves in 3D. The user enters parametric equations for a spatial curve and the applet graphs the curve. Thus, we need to parse mathematical formulas entered by the user. We use our custom MathParser AS3 class for that purpose. As the user traces the curve, the velocity and the acceleration vectors are displayed. The user can rotate the 3D object in real time with the mouse. Click on the image to open the applet in a new window:

Rotation and depth-sorting of all the elements of our 3D construct requires vector and matrix operations. We define these operations as methods of a custom class MatrixUtils.


Download all 'fla' and 'as' files for this tutorial in the following compressed folder.

The zipped folder contains all the source files for the applet as well as an extensive pdf guide with the description of the custom classes.

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