Four Experiments

Enjoy four new, exciting, and spectacular 3D particle experiments by our friend Dan Gries! Dan's previous posting at FlashAndMath: 'AS3 Experiment: A Bitmap Rotated in 3D Explodes into Particles' has been extremely popular among our visitors. Below are his new experiments. To open each of them in a separate window, click on the corresponding image below. Each screen shots depicts only a part of an applet. All applets contain controls for you to rotate and manipulate the particles in 3D. Download complete source code from the link below the screen shots.

One sphere of particles separates into many sorted by colors of particles. Control the separation:

A cloud of particles rotates about a center of gravity. Control gravity strength:

Particles transitioning throughout a cube:

A wave of particles. Control the distance and depth darkening:


The zip file linked above contains all the 'as' and 'fla' files related to this experiment.

On the next page, Dan's comments.

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