A 3D Menu on a Dodecahedron - Example 1

In this tutorial, we show how to build a 3D menu on a dodecahedron. A dodecahedron is a regular polygon with 12 pentagonal faces and 20 vetrices. Each face of our dodecahedron is a bitmap. We accomplish the effect by combining masking with transform.matrix property of display objects. The dodecahedron can be rotated by the user and its faces respond to double clicks.


The fla file contains all the source code for the applet above. The code is well-commented and should be easy to follow and modify after you read page 3 of this tutorial.

This tutrial builds on the 3D engine that we developed in 'Simple 3D Drawing in Flash CS3' and the study of transform.matrix property and the Matrix class in the tutorial 'Rotating Bitmaps in 3D in Flash CS3, 3D Menu on a Cube in ActionScript 3'.

On the next page, we give another example of a menu on a dodecahedron.

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