Contour Plotter and 3D Function Grapher Together - the Applet and the Source Code

We present here another example how our custom ActionScript 3 classes in the package flashandmath.as3.* can be used to build advanced graphers and math applets. We show an applet which combines a contour diagram plotter and a 3D grapher. The user can input function formulas and variables ranges. The applet uses our custom classes: MathParser, GraphingBoard, GraphingBoard3D, and many helper classes. Click either of the images below to open the applet in a separate window.

The image above shows the contour map part, the one below the 3D grapher part.


Download all 'fla' and 'as' files for this tutorial in the following compressed folder. The folder also contains pdf guides describing methods properties of the custom AS3 classes in the flashandmath.as3.* package..

The source code for the applet is well-commented and should be easy to read and modify.

You will find many more examples as well as extensive discussion of the classes in our book: Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example.

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