A Parametric Art Gallery

Parametric curves on the plane can produce great visual effects. Below you can see an interactive gallery built of parametric curves. On the next page, we show how to customize the gallery by simple editing of an xml file. Also, we give an applet in which you can enter any curve you want into input boxes and test the emerging images.


  • Download all 'fla', 'as', xml, and pdf files corresponding to this experiment: parametric_art.zip

The parametric art gallery uses several custom AS3 classes, including the mathematical formulas parser, MathParser. In this html guide, we will show how to customize the gallery. We will also give an overview desciribing the function that each class plays in this application. You will find detailed documentation of each class in the pdf guide contained in the zip package that you can download from the above link.

On the next page we show how you can easily create your own spectacular parametric gallery.

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